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Personalized, science-based
nutrition coaching for lasting
body transformation

Work one-on-one with a TFG Nutrition coach to develop a customized nutrition and wellness plan tailored to your unique lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Receive the support you need, precisely when you need it, through bi-weekly meetings and daily food tracking and messaging, ensuring you stay on track.

Our team of experienced nutrition coaches will assist you in acquiring new eating habits, refining your lifestyle, and achieving your ideal body.

We have successfully guided hundreds of clients step by step, fostering a positive and enjoyable approach to healthy eating.

How it Works


   1. 60-minute intro call with your coach:

During a personal video call or in-person meeting, you will engage in a one-on-one conversation with your coach. This allows us to comprehensively address your goals, lifestyle, habits, food preferences, and areas you wish to improve. Our coaches will help you define your starting point, clarify the workings of the nutrition program, and identify the initial habit you should focus on.

   2. Get your Start Guide:

Following an InBody measurement, our coaches will create a personalized, step-by-step guide and meal plan exclusively for you. This comprehensive resource will provide daily guidance on actions and food choices to support your journey towards your goals. Every two weeks, you'll receive an updated meal plan to ensure continued progress.

   3. Daily Check-ins:

Stay engaged and motivated throughout your journey with daily communication and food tracking. Utilize our app to conveniently message your dedicated expert coach and upload pictures of your meals. Receive valuable feedback on your progress, empowering you to take daily steps towards achieving your goals.

   4. Bi-Weekly Meetings:

Effective communication is integral to your success. Connect with your coach every two weeks via video call or in-person meeting. These sessions offer an opportunity to discuss your progress, address any challenges, and determine necessary adjustments. Based on your achievements, your coach will provide you with an updated meal plan following an additional InBody measurement.

Experience personalized nutrition coaching that prioritizes your long-term transformation.


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Dina El Sherbiny

"I lost 31.2 kg by just managing food and building supportive habits." 
"i became surprised of my capabilities and gained trust that i can do anything i want."

Farouk Mohamed

"to start living a healthier life after 25 years, that was my goali am proud to say it was just a stepping stone to what came after that. from eating habits all the way to personality building. i wouldn't have done it any other way." 

Shawky Ahmed

"ever since i have started my nutrition program my life has been constantly getting better and better, from losing 20kgs of fats in 3-4 months, to becoming more active than i used to be and gaining couple of kgs of muscles along the way."
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